Introducing Lorna Nolan, National Communications and Marketing Manager

How long have you worked with Investa?/ In the property industry?
I have worked in the property industry for close to 6 years, working at Investa for just over 18 months.

What has been your favourite development/project to work on? Why?
I’m lucky in that my role touches almost every project across the business at some point during its implementation, either through the development of branding, promotion to media or communication of a key win. One recent project that really allowed me to challenge myself and tap into a different skillset was the opportunity to co-project manage Investa’s Innovation Institute. This is an internal learning and development academy focused on upskilling employees in a range of areas, including human centred design and data literacy, embedding an Innovation culture at all tiers of the business. It has been an amazing way to get to know lots of new people and faces across the business, and it’s really rewarding to see the learnings come to life through creative problem solving and innovations in Investa’s day-to-day operations.

Three words that best describe you?
Driven, passionate and big picture thinker.

What is the most memorable moment of your career?
Sheryl Sandberg famously describes her career journey as having followed more of a ‘jungle gym’ pathway than a ‘ladder,’ and this really resonated with me. I’ve worn many hats across diverse industries, from working in journalism to project management of largescale events to leading Marketing and Communications in the property sector. One of the most memorable moments to date was in my early days as a print journalist, I had the opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson. He is the epitome of a visionary leader and someone I really admire in business. His key piece of advice was to: ‘just keep saying yes and learn how to do it later,’ something I’ve tried to take on board as I’ve progressed through my own career. 

What is your favourite thing about property? Why?
For me, it’s the opportunity to play some small part in the creation of a built environment for future generations that is more sustainable and carbon efficient. Seeing a building taking shape from the ground up is really exciting, and something the whole business takes pride in.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced in the property industry?
The past 12 months have been incredibly tough for everyone. The continuous rate and pace of change brought about by the pandemic is unlike anything any of us have experienced previously. I have been involved in Investa’s COVID-19 working group throughout, supporting the team to ensure our employees, tenants, investors and other stakeholders are kept informed of any key changes that impact them. It was a steep learning curve and a masterclass in enterprise agility in the early days, with each day introducing new policies, legislation and language to familiarise ourselves with.

What do you do in your spare time?
I recently completed an MBA so I’m now re-discovering the joy of spare time. Living by the beach, I love to explore my natural surroundings on the weekend, going for coastal walks, swimming or catching up with friends for a coffee.

How has a focus on sustainability, health and well-being benefited your work experience?
The ability to bring your ‘whole self’ to work, avail of flexible working arrangements and participate in the range of health and wellbeing initiatives that Investa offers has been invaluable when it comes to the quality of my work experience. I believe we all have a moral responsibility to play our part in safeguarding the future of the planet, therefore Investa’s strong track record in sustainability was another big draw card for me.

What drew you toward working with Investa?
It sounds like a cliché but it was really the great things I had heard about the Investa culture that inspired me to join the business. Values alignment is a critical factor for me when choosing a place of work and Investa takes pride in living true to its values.