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Building on foundations of sustainability and social responsibility

For more than two decades, we’ve been leading the way for positive change in Australia’s workplaces – by setting new standards in environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarks. From enhancing the lives of our customers and tenants to delivering returns on sustainable investment for our partners, we’re focused on creating genuine human benefit in everything we do.


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Strategy — Defining our ESG focus

Leading the charge in sustainability and social impact

Our ESG strategy defines our focus on future opportunities. It broadens our areas of responsibility and connects us to our building communities and employees more than ever before. It increases our commitments to our investors and challenges our teams to constantly look for more innovative ways to develop and manage our buildings – creating opportunities for connection and community. We continue to set the bar higher – this is what empowers us to transform real estate through ESG.

  • Sustainable Buildings
    Sustainable Buildings
  • Thriving Communities

    Thriving Communities

  • Resilient Business

    Resilient Business

Capabilities — Solving sustainability, together

Bringing together solutions for positive social and environmental impact

We bring a range of capabilities together to improve sustainability and create thriving, healthy communities. Through environmentally responsible direct asset, property and facilities management we’re helping reduce carbon emissions in the buildings we manage and transitioning to 100% renewable energy.

We’re also fostering healthy, socially inclusive communities at work and at home through Indi - our build to rent operation.

Our commitment to socially responsible investment allows us to generate positive social and environmental impact, alongside financial returns.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Strengthening relationships

We are committed to building respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations peoples. We recognise our role in enriching the communities in which we operate through strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We also believe that through increased collaboration with Australia’s First Peoples we can contribute to a more sustainable, thriving future for Australian cities.

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Modern Slavery

Creating a more inclusive and equitable world

Human rights are a fundamental part of our ESG commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for everyone. In Australia, an estimated 4-5000 people are experiencing modern slavery. As one of Australia’s largest commercial landlords, we recognise our responsibility to play a leading role in eradicating modern slavery. We actively screen our suppliers for modern slavery risks as part of our supply chain management, while also working with the broader industry to create joint initiatives to address this important issue.

Case Studies

Our ESG commitment in action

Case Study
Carbon calculator for embodied carbon reductions
Case studies

Carbon calculator for embodied carbon reductions

Case Study

As part of our Science based target of Net Zero by 2040, Investa’s Capital Projects team has been focusing on optimising efficiency, building materiality, production and supply chain as well as other sustainability credentials like reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycled content and improving reusability. We are working closely with our service providers commencing very early in the projects to ensure that carbon friendly design principles are adopted, targeting a 45% carbon reduction in projects in the first 5 years. Our methodology has been applied to 7 projects so far in the last 9 months and we have exceeded our targets in all areas we targeted.

Investa’s target, based on our 2040 initiative was 40% and we have achieved 45% average embodied carbon reduction with a total of 6.6m kg-CO2 avoided. This is equivalent to 3 years of operating carbon for 201 Kent Street. The capital projects team have worked with 20+ consultants to achieve this outcome and is now influencing others in the industry to follow our lead.

1 Market, 135 King, 201 Kent and 347 Kent are the assets that we have verified reports so far this year. We achieved results varying between 12% and 62%. The Footprint Company’s building life cycle software was used to quantify the footprint of a proposed new project and develop pathways to minimise the carbon footprint. These outcomes were converted into a carbon development performance brief. Last year, we have developed the High Performance Guidelines to guide and brief our architects, engineers and consultants in the selection of construction materials and finishes with less embodied carbon content and other sustainable credentials like reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycled content and improving reusability.

Investa is proudly leading the market in scientifically reducing the carbon footprint in asset upgrades, refurbishments, fit-outs as well as service upgrades delivered to improve the efficiency of our assets.
Case Study
Healthy building recognition
Case studies-1

Healthy building recognition

Case Study

A healthy workplace enables our customers to bring their best and productive self to work.

COVID-19 has made us all aware of the importance of the health and environmental aspects of the places we live and work, as well as the value of a collective response to the pandemic to support societal wellbeing. Research from the international WELL Building Council indicates that 90% of our time is spent indoors and the quality of the buildings we occupy can impact our productivity and the way we feel.

So how do we curate an environment within our buildings that puts human health and wellbeing first? That fosters community and connection and optimises both the performance of our occupiers as well as the real estate. How can we ensure that we maintain world leading standards ongoingly and are measured on our performance against rigorous, global standards?

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Case Study
Investing in renewable energy
Case studies-2

Investing in renewable energy

Case Study

Investing in 100% renewable energy contributes to a low carbon economy and is a key step in Investa's pathway to net zero.

A key component of Investa’s pathway to net zero is investing in renewable energy, both in our buildings and offsite, through renewable electricity procurement.

This investment forms part of Investa’s commitment to address climate change and do our part to limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In 2019/20, we commenced our renewable energy strategy to inform our renewable energy procurement approach.

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Case Study
Sustainable Finance
Case studies-3

Sustainable Finance

Case Study

Achieving social and environmental impact, alongside financial returns.

Investa has a strong track record of performance in responsible investment, achieving a number of firsts in the Australian real estate sector since inception:

  • First property company to secure real estate green bonds and green loans, verified by the globally recognised Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).
  • First Australian property company to commit to a net zero Science Based Target.
  • First Investment Manager in Australia to receive Sustainable Responsible Investment Certification from the Responsible Investment Association of Australia (RIAA).
  • Investa funds recognised in the top quintile of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for more than 20 years.
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A history of firsts

Pioneering sustainability for the industry

As the first Australian real estate business to make a Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) commitment to net zero emissions, we have an established history in leading the way in sustainability. We were the first to secure real estate green bonds and green loans, certified by the Climate Bond Initiative (CBI)and the first investment manager in Australia to receive Sustainable Responsible Investment certification from the Responsible Investment Association of Australia.

For nearly 10 years, our funds have been recognised in the top quartile of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

  • First Australian real estate company to commit to a net zero science based target by 2040
  • First to secure real estate green bonds and green loans
  • First investment manager in Australia to receive Sustainable Responsible Investment certification
Advice, insights and tools

Supporting ESG and sustainability

We’re committed to helping others be more sustainable, including our investors, tenants and partners. Our helpful resources will give you the tools and insights you need to set yourself or your organisation on the path to net positive and a better future for everyone.

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Sustainability tenant toolkit

Our comprehensive online platform provides tenants with content and practical resources to help them be more sustainable and healthy at work.

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