Investa has been awarded the Elizabeth Broderick Gender Equality Award at the recent 2021 Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Awards.

The award recognises organisations that actively encourage, promote, and instil a commitment to achieving gender equality in their workforce.

“We know that our most valuable asset is our people. And we’re proud to have cultivated a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate” said Peter Menegazzo, CEO.

“In my role as CEO, I am committed to driving strong gender equity outcomes at all levels of the business. And I am incredibly proud of the achievements we’ve made so far,” he said.

Over the years Investa has driven several strategic and targeted initiatives spanning leadership, talent attraction and retention, revised policies to create a workplace inclusive of people of all gender identities and where both opportunity and outcomes are equitable.

“A particular focus has been on improving representation of women in traditionally male-dominated occupations, addressing the occupational segregation which drives our overall gender pay gap” said Amy Wild, Group Executive, Head of Corporate Operations.

“We’ve made excellent progress proudly achieving a 51% female workforce in 2021, with a 40% female senior management cohort. We now have a 50% female executive team and have improved gender balance on our boards,” said Amy.

Announced last month via a virtual ceremony, the AHRI Awards recognise the best HR practitioners, organisations and leaders paving the way for business best-practice.
The achievement is well timed with the release of Champions of Change Coalition 2021 Impact Report, detailing members’ action and impact on gender equality, advancing women into leadership and building respectful and inclusive environments for all employees.
“Investa has proudly been an active member of the Property Champions of Change group since its inception in 2015. It’s encouraging to see increases in women’s representation in all leadership categories this year, as well as a range of practical actions being taken across the property industry to accelerate change” Amy said.
To find out more about the AHRI Awards, visit their website. And to read the Property Champions of Change report, click here.