We caught up with Brennan Wood, Assistant Fund Manager, ICPF who’s taking three months off to care for his two boys, aged five and 18 months. 

We’re paving the way in cultivating a diverse, inclusive and flexible workplace and our industry-leading parental leave policy is a great reflection of this. 

Flexibility is key in our parental leave offering, meaning Brennan can take time off now even though his boys are a little bit older.

It’s important for us to ensure our policies reflect all types of family situations, to help our people find the right balance. 

  • When do you go on leave officially? from 1 November
  • How long have you worked for Investa? 3 years
  • How long are you taking parental leave for? 3 months
  • How old are your children? Two boys, 5yrs and 18 mths
  • How have you chosen to use your leave? My boys are a bit older, I'm very grateful to be able to access this opportunity after changing plans that were upended by COVID.
  • What are you most looking forward to doing during your leave? Getting out in the sun, whatever form that may take – but suspect the garden, beach with the kids and golf on my own will feature.
  • Any final words about what this leave means to you and your family? It’s really powerful, not only to allow a little R&R and family time for me, but has also allowed my wife to focus on her career a little earlier than she otherwise would have. Honestly, the ability to give family, home and myself some full attention for a little while, rather than the two of us splitting ourselves into 3 or 4 (a feeling many would know)!

“I’m incredibly grateful for Investa’s commitment to working parents, I’ll be able to give my full self to my family and home life as well as giving my wife the freedom to 100% focus on her career” Brennan says.  

All the best on your time off Brennan and we’ll see you when you’re back. 

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