"In our current dynamic property market, with new business challenges constantly arising, the ability to answer questions accurately and fast by harnessing data is an empowering and invaluable skill." Anna Bland, Innovation Project Manager.

Five key things to remember when analysing data:

1. Clarify what you're doing – data analysis can be a wild ride if you don't know where you're going 
2. Do your research – leverage available data and analytical work and DON'T REINVENT THE WHEEL!
3. Round back – check-in with your approach and progress
4. Make it interesting and have fun – data analysis is much easier when it's not a task!
5. Focus on developing or sourcing these three key success factors when solving any data & analytics task:
  •  Understanding the business problem
  •  Strong domain/industry knowledge and;
  •  Technical nous and tools to support

A strong data analysis skillset is rapidly becoming a must-have for anyone in a property role. Investa has made data analysis upskilling a focus, enabling all employees to learn this through its Innovation Institute Data Literacy Program.

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