Bonnie hosted our latest Innovation Institute Data Literacy Program masterclass, showing us how to present data in a way that will land effectively with your audience. 

"Data Storytelling is the intersection between understanding information (data), choosing the correct information to tell the story (finding insights) and creating visualisations that capture attention and effectively communicate the information." - Bonnie Roche, Impact Manager, SparkBeyond. 

5 key takeaways; 

1. There is a marked difference between data, information and insights. A key part of storytelling is doing the hard work behind the scenes to get the insights that you need. 
2. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and identify with their key drivers, questions and needs. 
3. Storytelling is about making an emotional connection with your audience. This requires confidence, so make sure you connect with your content. 
4. Remove any distractions and clutter from your slides and your story. You want your audience to immediately see how the content relates to your point. 
5. In the beginning, take your story offline and storyboard on paper. Make sure you know the flow before you begin to create any content. 

Data storytelling is the crucial final element to translate insights into action by creating that "ah ha!" moment for your key property stakeholders.

Thanks to Bonnie for presenting to our Innovation Institute members.