Building Information Modeling (BIM) has emerged as one of the property industry's most important innovations in recent years, as more projects adopt a ‘digital description’ of assets. Not only does BIM improve efficiencies across the construction phase, but there is also real value captured in managing the facility with a complete, centralised, accurate set of information anytime, anywhere. BIM uses intelligent 3D virtual models of buildings and collates design, engineering and operational information into actionable data for project teams for transparent analysis. Enabling best-practice process and delivery and faster, enhanced decision-making. 
Mark Tait, Group Executive & Head of Commercial Development, Investa, recently shared his experience and insight with Siemens’, ‘The Magazine’. Mr. Tait has been involved in a number of major building projects that have been digitally planned, successfully leveraging BIM capabilities. 

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Mark Tait Investa