Investa is proud to announce the launch of a new business lounge concept called The Hive. Located in 295 Ann Street Brisbane, building occupants can use the collaborative space to work, learn, socialise or simply take time out from their busy environment to relax. The Hive aims to provide an energising space inspired by a theme of theatrical design and pop up. With a completely flexible, minimal fixed fit out, the space minimises the environmental impact of the projects, allowing the space to evolve over time.

Investa Office research found that workers with access to a greater variety of work settings enjoy enhanced productivity. One of the reasons for this is that many modern workplace designs lack sufficient focus work areas. The study also found that Investa’s customers are increasingly demanding space on a flexible basis – in addition to standard leased areas. This amenity allows a business to better cope with a rapidly changing market place and needs of their employees. The Hive aims to address some of these critical business need by offering an attractive work setting with a flexible layout that can be utilised in a number of different ways including large events, casual meetings, focus work, and collaboration. The development of the space has also been designed to enhance the feeling of community for occupants by hosting building events and differentiate the asset in the market and drive take tenant retention and leasing strategies. 

The Hive’s opening night is tonight 10th September, and will be a venue that hosts in-building entertainment and fundraising events throughout the year where tenants can socialise with colleagues and network with others in the building.