Investa Office (“Investa”) this week formally launched its new national Tenant Engagement Program which is set to take its tenant retention strategy to the next level.

The program, known as INSITE, is being piloted in 11 Investa buildings nationally to engage the broader tenant population working in Investa buildings and aims to create stronger links between building occupants and Investa’s Asset Service teams.

INSITE is underpinned by an integrated tenant portal, developed from the ground up by Investa. Each participating building has either an on-site or virtual concierge service which will help to facilitate the service experience Investa aims to create in the buildings.

Through INSITE, Investa tenants can access a range of time saving services, selected on the basis of providing greater convenience or adding value to their role or business operations. Services include dry cleaning, tailoring, VIP client meet-and-greet, airport transfers, meeting rooms and catering. The portal also provides a social networking component, where tenants can post feedback or use the platform to establish and co-ordinate their own groups and meet-ups for anything from running to yoga to networking. Building-specific news and announcements, environmental performance data and bespoke offers and promotions will also be available.

INSITE will also provide a series of in-building entertainment and fundraising events throughout the year where tenants can socialise with colleagues and network with others in the building – these include Melbourne Cup, Christmas and an upcoming Rugby World Cup event, where tenants will be able to test their goal kicking skills in a simulated football field environment. Special dates such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day are marked in the buildings with organised fundraising activities.

Campbell Hanan, CEO Investa Office said: “Investa’s tenant engagement program is designed to enhance the value of our role as owner and manager, beyond running operationally and environmentally efficient buildings. The program is an outcome of Investa’s strategic restructure in 2013, which was designed to better align Investa’s organisational structure, operating platform, roles, responsibilities and performance measures to the wants and needs of our tenants and investors.

Senior decision makers who ultimately make the high value decisions on space, consider carefully how their office space will factor into their workplace strategy as a whole. Questions like - is the building aligned with our brand and where we are taking our business, is the space and management team flexible enough to meet our current and future needs, will the building foster a workplace environment where our people can thrive? These are the questions that have underpinned the development of this program.”

In 2014, only a year after the re-structure, Investa’s building management team moved to a top quartile position in the Campbell Scholtens industry benchmark tenant satisfaction survey, the fastest upward movement recorded over a one year period in the benchmark’s history.

Jason Leong, COO, Investa Office said: “If we can genuinely say to tenant decision makers that our INSITE program has had a positive impact on their staff recruitment, engagement and retention activities and positively contributed to their own CSR programs, then we have achieved our aim.Of course we want our tenants to renew, but what we also want is for tenant staff to become genuine fans of our buildings and our management teams, and to protest loudly if plans are afoot to relocate to a non-Investa building, where they will lose access to these benefits.”

Investa tapped into its in-house research data to identify the content tenants are most interested in receiving.

Emily Lee-Waldao, General Manager, Marketing & Communications said: “Tenants want portal content that relates to news and operational updates specific to their building, they’re interested in time saving services, health and wellbeing content and relevant promotions and offers.”

Investa chose to create its own national program and technology platform from the ground up so it would closely align with the profile of Investa’s buildings, tenants and overarching strategic priorities.

“There are other products on the market, however the decision was made to establish our own portal and program so we could be completely aligned with what tenants in our buildings want.

Now that we’re established, we can be quite nimble with enhancements to functionality and the way services are offered – fulfilling our commitment to being responsive. Creating our own platform has also resulted in it now being very cost effective for additional buildings in our portfolio to join the program due to economies of scale,” said Ms Lee-Waldao.

Other tenant initiatives on the roadmap for Investa include a tenant rewards program, tenant lounges, a health and wellbeing program and discounted weekday and weekend parking for tenants in selected Investa buildings. or watch videoINSITE Tenant Portal

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