Which Sydney CBD Building will achieve its personal best?

Building Run is a unique, real-time video installation that aims to engage audiences with the dynamics of energy usage within the built environment through a combination of art, technology and sustainability.

Five elite sustainable buildings in the Sydney CBD will compete as athletes in a daily race for energy efficiency. Using human avatars to represent each building, the installation will track the real time energy consumption every 15 minutes on a daily basis in the race to see which can achieve their personal best for energy usage.

Participating buildings of the installation include 126 Phillip Street (Deutsche Bank Place), 400 George Street, 1 Market Street, 255 Elizabeth Street and Customs House. Four of these being Investa’s own buildings which each have been successful in maintaining above industry standards for both their NABERS Energy and Water ratings.

Installed at Deutsche Bank Place, Building Run will feature five LCD screens displaying each building's energy consumption, with each represented by a human avatar. The lower the energy consumption of the building the faster and more efficient race the virtual athletes will run. As energy consumption levels increase, visual signs of exhaustion will be seen in the athlete.

Building Run 2013 has been created by Melbourne artist Keith Deverell and has been commissioned by the City of Sydney together with Carbon Arts to engage audiences with data on the City’s progress towards Sustainable Sydney 2030.

Mr Deverell said: "In developing this artwork I was interested in the idea that buildings are living breathing organisms, much like human beings, and that a healthy body image is as relevant to buildings as it is to humans.

Building Run is a video installation that poetically comments, through the language of sport and the healthy body, on how we as occupants effects the health of a building, in this case their energy consumption,”

Bec Dawson, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability said: “Whilst the built environment is responsible for a considerable amount of our country’s carbon dioxide emissions – up to 23 per cent – it’s our people, those who spend time day-in, day-out within these workspaces, who also have a key role to play in improving energy efficiency and minimising our emissions.

This project has the opportunity for us to humanise the performance of our buildings and share in the conversation, about how the collective behaviour of individuals can influence the energy efficiency of a building, and as a result, influence its impact on the environment.”

Building Run will operate at The Assembly, Deutsche Bank Place, 126 Phillip Street, Sydney from the 20th September to 19th October, opening hours are from 9am - 7pm Monday - Thursdays, 9am - 9pm on Fridays and 11am - 4pm Saturdays.

To see a sneak peak of the installation click here!

Building Run is sponsored by Investa Office and Deutsche Bank and is a partnership between Carbon Arts and Buildings Alive.

Come and see the race in action!

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