Plans to construct a potential materials recycling facility on land close to the Georges Fair residential community have recently been placed on public exhibition by the NSW Department of Planning under the controversial, and recently repealed, Part 3A approval process.

Investa Land ("Investa"), the developer of Georges Fair, shares the concerns of residents about this potential facility, and believes that such a facility is not in keeping with the changing nature of the locality. Investa will undertake a thorough review of the application during the public exhibition period and intends to oppose the development. Investa has appointed external consultants to assist in the preparation of its submission.

The development of Georges Fair has been integral to the significant urban renewal that has transformed Moorebank over the past eight years. There has been a deliberate move away from industrial land use, with the locality now recognised for providing high quality residential, recreational and environmental areas. Investa is very proud of being part of the ongoing transformation of this former industrial precinct into a vibrant, growing residential community near the Georges River.

The development application process is a public process. The application by Moorebank Recyclers Pty Ltd was first mooted in 2006 when limited details of the application were made available on the department's website.

In addition to the information available on the NSW Department of Planning website, information on the proposed development has been on the Georges Fair website.

The application appeared dormant for several years with public consultation of the project only starting in 2011. This was the first opportunity for Investa and members of the public to formally respond to the application.

Following public consultation, Investa made representations to the Liverpool City Council and understood that the Council strongly opposed the proposed development. At an extraordinary meeting, councillors voted unanimously to stop the development and it refused Moorebank Recyclers road access to its site across Council land. It is unclear why the NSW Department of Planning has allowed the public exhibition of this project to proceed when a fundamental threshold issue such as access to the site has not been resolved. This premature exhibition has created anxiety around a development that should not proceed.

"Our primary concern is to secure the quality lifestyle enjoyed by Georges Fair’s residents for the future, and we are working diligently to secure this," said Mr Cameron Holt, Managing Director, Investa Land.

"We will actively follow the progress of this application and will again meet with Liverpool Council and the adjacent landowners to the site, prior to formulating our response," Mr Holt said.

Whilst information relating to the proposed development is in the public domain, Investa will continue to assist the Georges Fair community to remain informed if the application progresses.

Investa also shares the concerns of some residents that the proposed development will increase the traffic on Brickmakers Drive. Investa's understanding of the proposed development is that trucks accessing and leaving the proposed facility will not be permitted to use Brickmakers Drive, so it is not anticipated that the development, if it were to proceed, would increase the traffic flows on this road.

The location and extent of Brickmakers Drive, as well as its direct link to both Nuwarra Road and Newbridge Road, have always been a clear part of the Georges Fair development, but it was never intended that this road would be used to service heavy vehicle traffic from adjacent industrial land usage. Investa will strongly oppose any potential increase in heavy vehicle movements on Brickmakers Drive as it is not consistent with the urban renewal of this area.