Investa Property Group has learnt valuable lessons from the Queensland floods resulting in the establishment of an enhanced risk management and safety platform for its property assets.241 Adelaide Street, one of Investa’s prime assets was badly affected by the floods, after holding more than 20 million litres of toxic water directly following the peak of the flood, rendering the site a disaster zone.The cleanup phase began immediately once all tenants were safely removed from the building with the Investa Facilities Management team continually monitoring site conditions for potentially dangerous carbon monoxide levels.The site, as well as a neighbouring property, was evacuated a total of seven times due to high readings to ensure a safe environment was maintained and to eliminate risks to workers.“Absolutely everything was done with safety at its core; no shortcuts have been taken,” said Steve Hickey, Queensland Facilities Manager of Investa Property Group.Investa currently holds over 20 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) documents relating to various areas including on-site contractors, general public and tenants. As a result of the floods these have been reworked to reflect the extreme nature of a natural disaster like the floods.“At the end of this project we will have one of the most comprehensive safety documents in the industry, this intellectual property will assist our team to deal with events of this magnitude in the future,” said Mr Hickey.OH&S efforts at the site were commended by a number of different government authorities, including Workplace Health and Safety and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, who were impressed with the way in which the high pedestrian and traffic area was managed.“The floods were a horrible disaster but we have definitely learnt very valuable lessons from the clean-up process, our FM’s are now equipped to handle these situations in the event that they occur again,” said Mr Hickey.