Investa today launched its new brand vision and identity, supporting its recently established business strategy and setting a clear path for the future.  

Following the announcement in early 2016 that the Investa management platform (‘Investa’) had been purchased by Investa Wholesale Funds Management Limited, the responsible entity of its flagship wholesale fund, Investa Commercial Property Fund (ICPF), Investa’s executive team, with the support of the new board of the management platform, set about planning for the future.  

Following broad engagement with staff over a six month period, a new strategic vision for the business was developed, aimed at leveraging Investa’s specialist expertise in commercial real estate management and development.

Four key pillars were identified in Investa’s strategic plan which would underpin its continued performance – innovation, investor and customer engagement, people and culture and new business opportunities. 

With new long-term owners in place and so many talented, dedicated people across the business, it was a timely opportunity for us to reflect on where we were best placed to focus our efforts, how we would evolve and importantly, how we would adapt to a dynamic marketplace and maintain our leadership position,” said Jonathan Callaghan, Investa’s CEO.

In conjunction with the new business strategy, Investa looked to align its vision and identity via a brand refresh. Undertaking research with its key stakeholders, Investa explored key aspects of its brand, including positioning, delivery style, strategic direction, vision, purpose, culture and visual identity. The local competitive landscape was assessed, as were leading, global service brands outside of property.  

“Aligning the Investa brand with the new business strategy was vital in ensuring that the way we deliver our strategy, is consistent with the experience our customers and stakeholders have when they interact with our service, people and our work places,” said Emily Lee-Waldao, General Manager, Marketing and Communications at Investa.

The research indicated that Investa was well placed to lead as a commercial real estate manager and developer, and that the combination of its office sector specialisation, integrated, end-to-end management model and particularly, the quality of its service, people and relationships, provided a distinct point of difference in the market.  

“Our customers and stakeholders confirmed what we intuitively knew - that our real competitive advantage is our people and our culture, and the unique ability of our team to build enduring relationships, by being professional, living company values, collaborating well, being solutions focused and always acting openly and transparently,” said Mr Callaghan.

“Living our refreshed brand means continuing to deliver performance, by providing a consistently great experience and service to our tenants, investors and stakeholders every time they deal with us.  

It means leveraging our deep expertise in Australian office and our unique management approach, to provide excellent service quality and continuity from acquisition and development, through to day-to-day building operations and financial management.  It means operating sustainably and investing responsibly, while maintaining strong values and a clear vision,” said Mr Callaghan. 
“We’ve taken a considered path to get here, and think our renewed brand really does reflect who we are, what we do and why we do it.

“We see our new brand vision – To create Australia’s most valued working places - and our desire to be the strategic property partner of our investors and tenants, as an ambition that is very much within our reach.” 

Learn more about Investa's future pathway by viewing our video below.