The story behind Lindy Lee's artwork at Sixty Martin Place

The story behind Lindy Lee's artwork at Sixty Martin Place

Sixty Martin Place, a premium grade building located on the corner of Macquarie and Phillip Streets and alongside Sydney’s prominent Martin Place pedestrian thoroughfare in the CBD.

In recognition of the building’s prominent address and award-winning design, owners, Investa and Gwynvill, commissioned two artworks from celebrated Australian artist, Lindy Lee. Ms Lee’s works, the ‘Vault of Heaven’ and the ‘Seeds of Cosmos’ capture the drama and grandeur of the Sixty Martin Place lobby.

The works were designed to celebrate the civic and ceremonial significance of Martin Place as a cultural meeting point. The works also complement the qualities of the premium building and have a connection to the heritage St. Stephens church next door.

The artworks were intended to reflect the idea of a forum or a medium for the open sharing of ideas.  Designed to draw people inwards on a journey through the space, the works encourage people towards the lobby’s ‘Civic Room’, a shared space for meeting, discussion and debate.

‘Vault of Heaven’ is a 17-metre high installation within the Civic Room that has a connection with the stained-glass windows of St Stephen’s Church.

The ‘Seeds of the Cosmos’ is a group of ovoid sculptural forms located near the Martin Place building entrance. The collection comprises varying sizes and each piece is patterned by perforated interconnecting concentric circles.

The series of public art pieces have been described as reflecting humanity’s relationship with nature and the universe and the interdependence between the material and immaterial.

Ms Lee is a Chinese-Australian artist who has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Ms Lee’s practice emphasises humanity’s close relationship with nature and the universe, investigating the interdependence between the material and the immaterial.

The Property Council of Australia (PCA) recently awarded the works Best Public Art Project in its annual industry awards for innovation and excellence.



60MP-Lindy-Lee-A18I6225.aspx 60MP-Lindy-Lee-A18I6121.aspx


The Vault of Heaven (above)

L:R: Helen Wilkinson, Mark Finch, Mark Tait, Lindy Lee, Shen Chiu, Lara Hutcheson


60MP-Lindy-Lee-A18I6176.aspx 60MP-Lindy-Lee-A18I6162.aspx
The Seeds of Cosmos (above)

Photo left side: Lindy Lee with the Seeds of Cosmos. Photo on the right: L:R Lara Hutcheson, Mark Tait, Lindy Lee, Shen Chiu, Mark Finch, Helen Wilkinson

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