At Investa we are a tenant-focused organisation. Our cross-functional real estate service teams provide flexible, end-to-end business space solutions for tenants and their businesses.   

At Investa we have a very hands-on approach. Our integrated platform incorporates the entire spectrum of office ownership and management and our own people are the primary interface with our most important customers – our tenants.

Our customer centric approach

Rather than have the operation of our buildings and the interface with our tenants structured around our organisation, we have instead structured ourselves around our tenants. Our Real Estate Service Teams are based locally, in the markets in which they operate. This means we are closer to our tenants and better able to service their needs from both an operational and occupancy perspective.

Our Real Estate Service Teams are supported by an experienced national Real Estate Operations team comprising procurement, project management, technical services, sustainability, safety and environment, marketing, research and asset management. Further support is provided by the broader Investa platform which incorporates finance, property accounting, lease administration, IT and legal. All these functions work together to deliver a superior occupation and service experience for our tenants.

Our Service Solution

Investa recognises that the fundamental purpose of managing office buildings is to provide a productive and effective place for people to work. We believe this goes beyond the obvious provisions of air conditioning, cleaning and lifts, to include enhanced amenities and better environmental performance. The priority of Investa is to provide high performing buildings to high performing businesses.

Performance matters at Investa. Managing our buildings internally means better control of comfort, resource use and costs simultaneously. The Real Estate Service Teams have the ability to make decisions which take into account all three factors at once – delivering optimal benefits to cost, comfort and environment and best value for everyone involved. Investa provides each team with sophisticated energy and water management tools so they are able to be vigilant in monitoring and managing each building, delivering better environmental performance results over time. 

Each building in the Investa portfolio is part of the Investa Energy Efficiency Program.

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Tenant Experience
Tenant Wellbeing

Investa aims to provide workplace environments that provide a holistic solution to tenants and their staff, which not only meet their needs for functional, attractive office space, but which address their broader business and individual needs. Some current or upcoming inclusions and initiatives provided to tenants in Investa buildings includes;

  • End of trip facilities
  • Insite Tenant Engagement Program - Incorporating events, concierge, time saving services and a tenant portal
  • Green lease - Investa’s precedent lease is regarded as a ‘green lease’ because it sets out environmental and social objectives as part of the relationship between building owner and tenant.
  • EcoSpace - Designed for newly refurbished office spaces, includes a number of sustainability initiatives which aim to create a healthier workplace, smarter business and a better environment.
  • Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy
  • Samba Research Partnership
  • Tenant Health & Wellbeing program
  • Tenant Rewards Program - Coming soon 
Tenant Fitout

We work with tenants to facilitate a streamlined transition to their new tenancy or upgrade of their existing tenancy.

As part of Investa’s tenant on-boarding program, all assets have a customised Tenant Fit Out and Minor Alterations Guide.  The Guide is prepared to inform tenants, project managers, architects, consultants and contractors of the procedures for having building and services works approved and implemented.

The Guide includes:

  • Planning your fit out

  • Planning your indoor environment

  • Designing an effective tenancy fit out

  • Workflow of approvals and control points

  • Fit out checklist

  • Safe work method statement

  • Hot work permit

Tenant On-boarding

Investa knows first impressions count! That’s why we spend a lot of time ensuring you get the attention and information your company needs, before you arrive at your office and then once you’re there.  Here’s what Investa does to help our tenants hit the ground running.

As part of the on-boarding process, Investa has the following resources to ensure tenants have all the information they require for their business and staff:

  • Tenant Information Manual – a comprehensive, customised manual per building including information and instruction on all aspects of the tenant's occupation of the building.  

  • Meet the Team – a profile of the Real Estate Services Team appointed to manage each building and an outline of how each person in the team can assist tenants.

  • Investa Helpdesk and Tenant Broadcast System - as part of our commitment to providing the highest service standards in the industry, Investa operates a web-based Help Desk to log and monitor tenant service requests.  Investa utilises the Help Desk as a tenant broadcast system to communicate building-wide or floor specific announcements

  • Insite Tenant Engagement Program – Insite by Investa is the first in-building community activation program designed to make the working day of Investa tenants easier and more enjoyable. Insite provides our tenants with exclusive access to a range of services, events, news and offers.   

Sustainability Tenant Toolkit Explainer Video
Sustainability Tenant Toolkit Launch Video

Insite is underpinned by an integrated tenant portal, developed from the ground up by Investa. Each participating building has either an on-site or virtual concierge service which will help to facilitate the service experience Investa aims to create in the buildings.

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