Investa Office Fund (ASX code: IOF) is an ASX-listed real estate investment trust (A-REIT) and is included in the S&P/ASX100 index

The fund is a leading owner of investment grade office buildings and receives rental income from a tenant register comprising predominantly government and blue chip tenants. IOF has total assets under management of $4 billion, with 20 investments located in core CBD markets throughout Australia.

IOF investors can view the latest financial results, investor presentations and fund news and learn more about IOF’s structure, history and strategy within this section. Investors can also securely access unitholding information and update their details through the Investor Login.

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Date: Tuesday, 4 December 2018
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Fund snapshot
as at 30 June 2018
$4.4 billion
Assets under management (AUM)
4.9 yrs
Weighted average lease expiry

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IOF delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in high quality Australian CBD office assets. The fund is positioned strongly in a competitive marketplace, with the capability to lease-up and renew tenants ahead of market expectations, re-position assets and maximise returns by managing the debt and equity base of the fund.

More about IOF

IOF is managed by Investa Listed Funds Management Limited (ILFML), which is the Responsible Entity of IOF. ILFML is part of Investa Property Group. IOF is an externally managed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and pays a fee to ILFML as manager, to cover all resource and administration expenses.

OIPP Sustainability
OIPP's sustainability approach ensures the fund remains a global leader in responsible investment through active management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. 
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Fund History
The Armstrong Jones Office Fund began as an unlisted property trust in September 1984, and was first listed and managed by Armstrong Jones Management Limited (part of Armstrong Jones) in April 1992. Armstrong Jones and its related entities were later purchased by Mercantile Mutual in 1996.
The Prime Credit Property Trust was listed on the ASX in May of 1994 and the management rights were purchased by Heine Management Ltd from Babcock & Brown Management Limited in 1995.

Mercantile Mutual, the parent company of Armstrong Jones, acquired Heine Management Limited in 1999 and began integration of the two management businesses.

After the acquisition by Mercantile Mutual of Heine Management Limited, Prime Credit Property Trust was evaluated as containing a complementary group of properties and utilising similar investment strategies to the Armstrong Jones Office Fund. This alignment provided an ideal opportunity to merge Armstrong Jones Office Fund and Prime Credit Property Trust in December of 1999. This merger resulted in both AJO and PCP being delisted from the ASX with a new stapled security listed as the Armstrong Jones Office Group from January of 2000, with total merged assets of $1.2bn.

One year later, in February of 2001, Mercantile Mutual and its subsidiaries underwent a change of name to ING. In alignment with this name change the Armstrong Jones Office Group was renamed the ING Office Fund (ASX:IOF).

Ten years later, in 2011, ING made the decision to sell the management rights of IOF to Investa Property Group resulting in a change of the Responsible Entity which was approved by unitholders. In line with the transfer ING Office Fund was renamed the Investa Office Fund, and the new Responsible Entity Board adopted a market leading initiative to base the Responsible Entity fee on IOF’s market capitalisation, as opposed to gross assets. The strategy of IOF was refined and the Fund was to refocus on 100% Australian assets after an orderly sale of offshore interests of assets in the US and Europe. IOF continues to establish itself as Australia’s best performing CBD office fund with a diverse portfolio of high performing investment grade office assets to deliver enhanced Unitholder returns.

For all individual unitholder queries please contact:

Link Market Services Limited

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Phone: Freecall +61 1300 851 394
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For analysts and institutional investors please contact IOF’s Investor Relations team:

Investa Office Fund

Level 30
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Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: Freecall 1300 130 231 (within Australia) or +61 2 8226 9497 (outside Australia)
Fax: +61 2 9844 9341