At Investa we aim to generate value for all our stakeholders – our investors, our owners, our partners, our employees, our communities and society at large.

Investa sets out to improve the quality, and therefore investment returns, of the properties it acquires and manages. Our sustainability platform provides a framework for focusing upon and enhancing good business practices which in turn contributes to improved asset values and social and environmental outcomes.


Investa focuses on the key areas of our business that have the most impact on the environment, our communities and society at large.

Our managed funds use a systematic methodology for taking environmental, social, ethical and labour standards into account in the selection and management of buildings. Our building management team is focused on providing excellent service to our tenants, whilst carefully managing the environmental impacts of our buildings. 

Buildings that are more efficient can operate more cost effectively, are more comfortable and can achieve lower vacancy and enhanced financial results over time. Investa's environmental performance achievements and consistent improvement over the last 12 years demonstrate how this is achieved.

We strive to attract talented people and then provide them with the systems, tools and training to ensure they can be effective, motivated and rewarded for performance. In addition to their base salaries and prescribed benefits, our people have performance objectives set that cover all aspects including financial, social and environmental standards and achievements.

Our Operating Principles
Across our organisation, Investa is committed to conduct that is ethical, legal, and professional and which consider environmental, social and economic factors. Our core operating principles are to:  
  • Provide a superior return on investment to our shareholders without sacrificing the environment or the highest standards of conduct;
  • Offer clients investment funds which are overseen by an independent Board and where conflicts of interest are minimised;
  • Integrate sustainability practices in a manner which is specific, accountable, and enduring as part of our business platform;
  • Provide quality workplaces and a professional environment for our employees; 
  • Support and nurture our staff to permit them to fulfil their potential;
  • Protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and associates;
  • Minimise resource use, pollution and waste.
Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040