Introducing Tanya Ferrara – Safety Manager
1.        How long have you worked with Investa and in the property industry?
As of 1st of July, it will be 8 years. My diverse work history in Quality and Safety includes construction, agriculture, mining infrastructure, and in my early years, carpet yarn manufacturing. Investa is the first property company I have worked for and It seems like only yesterday I was trying to understand what a cooling tower was.
2.        What has been your favourite development/project to work on? Why?
My favourite projects are ones that involve improving activities, systems, and processes to provide solutions that not only streamline and simplify but make work life easier.  Projects don’t have to be massive endeavours involving huge amounts of money and resources.  Some of the best projects develop from the simple question “can I do this better” and result in the greatest improvements and gains within a business.
3.        Three words that best describe you?
Creative, passionate, helpful
4.        What is the most memorable moment of your career?
COVID has certainly been memorable. Keeping on top of ever-changing requirements and delivering an internal and external audit program safely was certainly interesting. We all had to adapt and think outside the square to understand how to keep everything operating safely through a restrictive environment.  Safety is interesting because we spend a good proportion of our time influencing other people who do not directly report to us, to make safe decisions and comply with requirements. When you are so physically removed from other people, this can be a challenge.
For me, the biggest theme for 2020 was collaboration. No matter what part of the business you were in, everyone was working together towards the common goal of ensuring buildings were safe, able to be used, and providing guidance and information to tenants who were anxious and sometimes confused with the requirements. This gave me insight into aspects of the business I would not normally see, such as tenant management, tenant engagement, marketing, and communications.
5.        What is your favourite thing about property? Why?
I love the variety. There are so many aspects to property whether it be keeping a building operational, providing engaging services for tenants, or upgrading facilities. There is so much diversity in the operation of a tenanted space.  I am always learning something new.
7.        What do you do in your spare time?
I have way too many interests and not enough time! My current passion over the last 2 years has involved me spending a significant amount of my spare time researching, experimenting, and perfecting my body products. I make balms, body oils, face oils, scrubs and perfumes using carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes. I can indulge my analytical and creative side all at once.
8.        How has a focus on sustainability, health and well-being benefited your work experience?
Work can bleed into your personal life and negatively affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. We are all doing more and working more.  However, I feel I am well supported with many programs and initiatives that enable me to continue to do the things that benefit the mental and physical health of myself and my family. When you are mentally and physically fit you work better.
9.        What drew you toward working with Investa?
The chance to work for a small sized company, in a small team, in an industry I am not familiar with where I could learn something new. Since I started, I have seen Investa grow into a company with a fantastic culture and great people who really care. I think therefore we see so many people who have left, find their way back.