Jessica Nicol

Regional Facilities Manager, VIC
How long have you worked with Investa?/ In the property industry?
I have worked in the property Industry for 20 years and April 2021 marks my 15th Year with Investa. I’m not entirely sure where the last 15 years went other than to say time flies when you’re having fun. Prior to Investa I worked for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games in facilities / venues and loved the pace and diversity – coming to Investa was even better!
Three words that best describe you?
Honest, Compassionate & Real
What is the most memorable moment of your career?
2020 has certainly been memorable – who would have known that I would be leading an FM team via Microsoft Teams for 6 months!
During stage 4 lockdown the entire Victorian FM team worked from home.  Keeping my team engaged, motivated and sane during this period was challenging but super rewarding.  I am extremely pleased to say that the feedback from occupants and stakeholders alike was extremely positive – The team certainly rose to the occasion and by all accounts ‘nailed it’
Working through the return to work strategy and pivoting multiple times in the process demonstrates how adaptable and agile we are as a company.
Being allowed to finally return to work has been amazing – I think we all appreciate our office accommodation and what working together and collaborating face to face achieves even more now.
What is your favourite thing about property? Why?
I love the vibrant people in property, the career and development opportunities are extensive.  The industry itself is ever changing and the next 5 years will see property in a whole new light – the best is yet to come.
What is the hardest challenge you have faced in the property industry?
I learnt very quickly that being a female in a male dominated FM industry requires self-confidence and the ability to demonstrate accountability.  I’m pleased to say that things are changing and I am proud to be a role model and mentor for others navigating this industry.
What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children, spending time in the outdoors and healthy living.
Investa both promotes and celebrates flexibility – which is wonderful and a massive draw card – and allows me to focus on the important things – not missing a school event or celebration.
How has a focus on sustainability, health and well-being benefited your work experience?
The focus on Sustainability and Health and Well-Being has enhanced my role – these areas are part of our everyday offering to our occupants and stakeholders.   Investa’s commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2040 is invigorating and being part of the ‘team on the ground’ assisting to bring this pledge to fruition is exciting.  Engaging with tenants on their sustainability targets and assisting in the formation of ECO Committees within the buildings has been wonderful.