Introducing Callum Scott, Assistant Development Manager at Investa, based in Brisbane 

How long have you worked with Investa?/ In the property industry?
I have been in the industry for about 10 years now. I started answering phones at my local Real Estate office as a part-time job while I was studying Real Estate and Development at University of Queensland. Beyond that I entered the world of commercial agency in Brisbane and the project/development space while living in London. I joined Investa about 8 months ago on the 360 Queen Street project in Brisbane. 

What has been your favourite development/project to work on? Why?
360 Queen Street! 
Situated in an area of the Brisbane CBD that is traditionally characterised by smaller, older style buildings, I truly believe that the 360 Queen development will reshape and reposition that entire quadrant of the CBD. I can’t wait to see a new era of modernity and activity come to life in the area! 

Three words that best describe you?
Ambitious, easy-going, social 

What is the most memorable moment of your career?
The work I did in London opened my eyes to projects of a whole new scale. I will never forget involvement with multi-billion pound master plans which encompassed entire suburbs. It has been great to be able to mesh together the progressive and different attitudes I witnessed in London with elements which are distinctly “Brisbane” to create great buildings which occupants enjoying coming to everyday.

What is your favourite thing about property? Why?
I love the way property (design in particular) contributes to an area. Great developments enrich the communities which they serve. I like that when working in the property industry you can tangibly see the contribution your work is making to the community. 

What do you do in your spare time?
I am an avid runner! A year ago a friend and I started a Friday morning run club (@sparrowsrunco). The club now has 60-100 people running every week! Other than that, I like to explore new camping spots around South East Queensland, we are incredibly blessed to live where we do!

How has a focus on sustainability, health and well-being benefited your work experience?
Investa’s well rounded approach to how they do business and support their staff has been really great. I am especially enjoying being involved with Investa's Reconciliation Action Plan working group. It is great to work for a company who is so passionate and involved in creating genuine partnerships with our First Nations People. 

What drew you toward working with Investa?
Great projects aside, the culture and support Investa offers to employees is second to none. I admire Investa’s generosity and passion for flexibility, it is the perfect environment to personally and professional grow!