Covid-19 spurs the need for enhanced digitisation for commercial landlords.

A new Australian industry-led initiative was launched nationally today, the Australian property Connectivity Index. This Index will ensure landlords of major commercial properties have the ability to provide their clients with access to relevant information relating to the connectivity profile of individual buildings.  In describing the connectivity profile the Index considers three specific areas: building design attributes, mobile connectivity and the presence of ISPs. 

The Connectivity Index has been developed in consultation with representatives from some of the country’s largest REITS including Dexus, Investa and Mirvac. The Index provides an overview of a property’s connectivity profile, with more detailed floor by floor information available upon request. 

Spokesperson for the Connectivity Index, Chris Carr, explains why the Index was developed and why landlords are actively seeking enhanced site-specific capabilities for their tenants. “While digitisation has been ongoing for some time, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of change and transformed the way Australian businesses operate. Establishing an optimal connected workplace has become even more critical for companies. In 2020 we have seen increased up-take in the adoption of cloud -based solutions and on-line applications with people working between their corporate offices and other locations. As a result, major landlords are wanting to ensure their clients are provided with access to key communications enablers so they can thrive in this evolving environment.“
Carr says that around 80% of mobile calls are being made indoors and therefore indoor mobile coverage is an expectation not a ‘nice to have’ anymore. Further, he says that with significant increase in the adoption of cloud- based services by Australian businesses (with some 90% of SME’s expected to operate via the cloud by 2023 following the lead of larger corporates), companies require greater connectivity enablers to access off-site applications, data storage and services.  


Connectivity Index designed to meet unique requirements of landlords and clients 

Carr says that after lengthy discussions it is clear that client’s requirements differ and therefore it is important to develop an index of relevant data points. “Individual requirements for building connectivity are uniquely different and the market is constantly changing. It could be a combination of factors such as availability or coverage by multiple mobile service providers, the presence of a specific Internet Service Provider (ISP) or infrastructure to support redundancy policies that could be on the client’s check list. Our objective is to provide an index of relevant data points and let the client determine the fit based on their particular requirements”, explains Carr. 

Explaining Dexus’s involvement with the Connectivity Index, Chief Information Officer at Dexus, Mark Hansen, said: “Our partnership with the Connectivity Index will enable us to offer our customers more transparency of key information to enhance decision making around connectivity solutions in our buildings.” 

Sally Franklin, Group Executive Real Estate Services & Business Operations from Investa added: “With the Connectivity Index, the industry has come together to enhance access to data and to provide transparency for our tenants as it relates to mobile services and data infrastructure. This ensures it remains top of mind in leasing and fit-out discussions and central to the way we at Investa plan our building technology investments.” 

Campbell Hanan, Head of Commercial Property at Mirvac commented: “Mirvac’s approach to technology has always been to provide best-in-class infrastructure to accommodate advancing SMART building technology, co-creating a solution with our customers and ultimately futureproofing our assets. The Connectivity Index will allow our customers to easily gauge if a workplace provides the right level of connectivity and services to accommodate their changing workforce needs” 

About Connectivity Index
Connectivity Index has been developed in consultation with a number of Australia’s major landlords within the Australian commercial property sector. The Index provides a readily accessible set of data points at a given point in time for clients to consider when evaluating commercial space. 

About Dexus
Dexus is one of Australia’s leading real estate groups, managing a high-quality Australian property portfolio valued at $32.0 billion. We believe that the strength and quality of our relationships is central to our success and are deeply committed to working with our customers to provide spaces that engage and inspire. We invest only in Australia and directly own $16.5 billion of properties, with a further $15.5 billion of properties managed on behalf of third-party clients. The group’s $10.4 billion development pipeline provides the opportunity to grow both portfolios and enhance future returns. With 1.8 million square metres of office workspace across 51 properties, we are Australia’s preferred office partner. 

About Mirvac 
Mirvac is a leading Australian property group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The Group own and manage assets across office, retail, industrial and build-to-rent in its investment portfolio, and currently has over $23 billion of assets under management. Mirvac has an $8.2 billion committed and future commercial development pipeline, and $15.6 billion in residential development, allowing it to deliver innovative and high-quality property for our customers, while driving long-term value for securityholders. For over 48 years, Mirvac has been creating sustainable, connected and vibrant urban environments for people to work, shop, live and play. 

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