Each year since its launch in 2007, Investa Office continues to raise awareness for energy efficiency by supporting Earth Hour, a WWF global initiative raising awareness about climate change and reducing energy use. This year, Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 28th March 2015 at 8.30pm.  With over 7,000 cities and towns in 162 countries taking part, Earth Hour has grown into the world's largest community-driven campaign for the planet.

Investa Office onsite management teams are working with our tenants to ensure all non-essential lighting is switched off during the campaign. Investa Office recently celebrated over 10 years of sustainability reporting which includes a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per square metre across its portfolio and over 7,624 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided through use of low carbon electricity sources such as trigeneration. In 2015, Investa continues working closely with tenants to encourage further energy savings from within their office work places. In addition, Investa also encourages our tenants to benefit from sustainability programs and incentives to deliver healthier, more productive work place environments including:

CitySwitch - Australia's flagship tenant energy efficiency program offering tenants in CBD offices support to improve their office energy efficiency and reduce the costs of operating tenancies. For further information or to become a signatory visit: www.cityswitch.net.au

Investa Sustainability Programs and Services -  to help your organisation reduce energy and carbon emissions, every hour. For more information please visit: www.investa.com.au/sustainability/about-sustainability/engaging-tenants/.

To find out more about Earth Hour 2015 simply visit #EARTHHOUR #YOURPOWER or www.earthhour.org.au.