Harvest at Chisholm has responded to Thornton Public School’s call for help to keep its students’ Rock Ensemble in action and is sponsoring the group.

Following the loss of the group’s previous sponsor, the school determined that the program would be terminated unless a new sponsor could be found.

Investa Land, the developer of Harvest, has committed to providing $5000 to ensure the Rock Ensemble continues. Sponsorship funds will provide for music tuition, sheet music, instrument repairs and all performance costs.

“The Thornton Public School community is very grateful for Harvest’s generous sponsorship and is delighted that the popular Rock Ensemble will continue,” said John Millburn, Principal, Thornton Public School.

“The students love the Rock Ensemble and learn so much from working as a team to develop their skill and perform.

“Schools are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Our students will benefit greatly from this community support which will enable us to continue to provide this stimulating learning opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable,” Mr Millburn said.

Thornton Public School has 550 students. The Rock Ensemble is open to all students but targets those in years 2 to 4, to ensure they have time to develop their skills.

The Rock Ensemble comprises two groups. One group of approximately 25 students receives weekly lessons in guitar, drums, bass guitar, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet. The second group comprises five to seven students who demonstrate sufficient ability to graduate to the school’s performance band.

“We are delighted that by sponsoring Thornton Public School’s Rock Ensemble we can help local children to learn an instrument, foster a love of music and experience the thrill of performing,” said Nathan Huon, Project Director NSW, Investa Land.

Thornton Public School has named its performance group the Harvest Rock Ensemble. The group will perform at several community events at Harvest, including the opening of the Harvest Builder Display Village in late 2015.