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5 Workplace Productivity Tips

Amy Wild, General Manager, People & Culture

5 productivity tips

Physical Workspace

For employers it's so important that you provide your people with a workspace that supports their productivity. Things like lots of natural light, fresh air and diversity of work settings and choice in how you set up your work environment are important here. As well as providing a space that people really want to be a part of, enabling them to do their best to work.
Diversity of Workspaces

It's also really important to provide a diversity of work spaces to suit the different kinds of preferences that your team members may have, as well as the types of activities that they will be completing throughout the day. This applies whether you have got an office working in an activity-based model or perhaps a more traditional desking solution.

Think about creating spaces that supports collaborative work, more concentrated or private work and as well as the provision of functional, technology-enabled meeting spaces. It's all about providing your people with choice over the areas in which they can complete their task, to support them to do their best work.
Get Moving

At a more personal level we know there is a range of things we can do to improve our productivity while we are at work. The first one of these is to get moving, we know that sitting is the new smoking, and that there is a range of health benefits associated with moving more throughout the day.

If you are lucky enough to have things like height adjustable workstations in the workplace, these can be a great tool for that. But even if you don't it might be doing things like taking a walking meeting or just popping out to get some fresh air instead of having your lunch indoors that can make a really positive impact, on both your health and your sense of well-being and how fresh and energized and productive you feel while you're at work.
Time Blocking

Time blocking is another great strategy that you can use to make yourself more productive at work. The modern technology enabled workplace is filled with interruptions, whether they are noises from your smartphone, those email pop-ups and getting away from those is really critical to being able of focus on the task in hand.
Embrace Flexibility

My final strategy for improving your workplace productivity is to embrace flexibility. If you are lucky enough that your employer offers a range of flexible working options - take advantage of them to structure your day in a way that that suits you and makes you most productive.

If you know that you are night-owl, why not start your day and finish your day a little bit later to take advantage of your most productive hours. Or if you are an early riser come in earlythe commute and see what you can get done before everyone else gets into the office.
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