Safety in the Workplace

Emergency Evacuation Management

Tanya Ferrara, Safety Manager

emergency evacuation
Procedures & Plans

Most of us work in multi-story buildings, so it's only natural that we are going to be anxious about what we do in the event of an emergency. There are many processes implemented in a building to ensure that we keep everyone safe. This includes maintenance of fire equipment and the implementation of procedures and plans. 

What to do during an emergency

As a person working in the building what do you do during an emergency? Simply you will be asked to do one or two things; either stay in place or evacuate. The nature of the emergency will determine which will occur. 

Fire Wardens

Fire wardens are the people who will provide you with the instructions about what to do in an emergency. Therefore, it is very important that you have current trained wardens in your tenancy. Having wardens will greatly increase your chances of getting out of the building safely. 

Participate in Fire Drills

It is great to have procedures and plans in place for an emergency but they still need to be tested. Fire alarm tests and evacuation rules are annoying but they provide us with important information to help us improve systems and procedures to keep you safe. So when you hear that fire alarm going off, and when you are asked to evacuate please participate it helps us improve our systems.
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