Modern Slavery

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain. Modern Slavery can take many forms, including; human trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, descent-based slavery and child slavery, with an estimated 40 million people currently experiencing modern slavery globally, 4-5,000 within Australia.

Investa is committed to eradicating modern slavery within its operations and supply chain. Investa’s Human Rights Policy outlines how we are addressing preventing and eradicating modern slavery from all aspects of our supply chain. 

Investa's action and approach to Modern Slavery
Human rights are at the core of Investa’s vision for a thriving Australian workforce, with Investa’s commitment to eradicating modern slavery following a proud history of advocating for an inclusive, diverse and equitable Australia. As one of Australia’s largest commercial landlords, Investa recognises the leading role it must play in eradicating modern slavery and views its Modern Slavery Statements as more than just required legislative compliance under the federal Modern Slavery Act. 

Investa is committed to eradicating modern slavery within its operations and supply chain, in line with the business’ vision for a thriving Australian workplace. Investa’s first Modern Slavery Statement outlines the work done to date as well as planned works aimed at addressing modern slavery. This process will ensure that Investa is able to engage a diverse range of stakeholders along the journey to combatting modern slavery within our operations, supply chain and the broader industry. This includes; staff, suppliers, tenants, investors and the broader industry, with Investa working with bodies such as the Property Council of Australia on joint efforts to address modern slavery.