Innovation at Investa, leading the way globally across the property industry.
What does Innovation mean at Investa
Innovation at Investa is not a thing. It is the thing. We believe that innovation can’t be bolted on to the side of a business, but must be woven through everything we do.

What drives us
Property is the largest asset class in the world, and the industry is rapidly transforming. We believe that the convergence of technology and the built environment gives us unprecedented opportunities to redesign what a property company looks like, and how we do what we do.

Through the use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we can now see patterns and insights that allow us to make better decisions, see previously “invisible value” and drive higher total return for our investors and partners.
Undertaking an iterative approach 
We innovate with the small things, pain points that cost the business time, energy and efficiency… and we innovate with the big things, industry transformation and disruption through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Driving value for greater business outcomes 
We align our innovation efforts with the corporate strategy and prioritise all our initiatives against a financial and non-financial ROI.

We think beyond our borders, and partner with other property companies, data and AI/ML providers, start-ups and scale-ups to achieve the best outcomes.

We have a strong bias towards action.

We train our entire business in Innovation mindsets and tools through our Innovation Institute. Currently 40% of our people are enrolled in our 12-month Data Literacy Program, where we are upskilling the business in the vital skillsets of data procurement, wrangling, analysing, visualising and storytelling.


Innovation Institute
The Innovation Institute is a company-wide innovation program that is open to every one of our people. Each year, we focus on key Innovation skills and behaviours that our people need for their careers, and our business needs to continually thrive in an ever-changing industry.

In 2019, we focused the 12-month program on qualitative innovation skills and mindsets, awarding graduates Certificates in Corporate Innovation.

In 2020, we focused the 12-month program on the quantitative skills of Data Literacy, awarding graduates Certificates in Data Analytics in Property. Follow on LinkedIn to see more of what we’re doing in the Innovation Institute.

Innovation Internship Opportunities
The Investa Innovation team loves to host interns who would like to gain practical experience to complement their university studies. The internships we offer can specialise in the areas of data science, corporate innovation, project management, marketing, internal communications and/or change management.

Recently, Investa has been privileged to host four students from University of Technology Sydney, through a three month data science internship.

One of our interns, Sachintha Mohotti, said “Working for Investa has allowed us to apply data science techniques gained from our Masters degree studies to improve decision making processes, perform more in-depth analysis of data and gain more accurate understanding of the current trends in property technology.”

If you are interested in an internship in the Innovation team, we would love to hear from you. Let us know by clicking the form below.
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